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Spring/Easter Update 2016

Dear Resident,

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Kingsway Ward.  The Spring Clean on Saturday 19th March was very successful , building further on last year’s event; with many residents taking the opportunity to get rid of their unwanted items and volunteers helping out to do a Litter Pick.  You can read the press report on it here.  It was really great to see the community spirit of people helping each other out.

spring clean blog1
Residents and Litter Pick volunteers, Heather, Pat, Ant and Keiron.

Sadly on the same weekend someone in a jeep decided they wanted to tear up the big Kingsway field (The Biggy).  You can read the press report on that here. This has been reported to the police who are investigating.  This was hugely disappointing, not just because it is a real community asset but also as two local schools are due to start a project on the field in the next few months to make it more attractive and colourful for residents to enjoy.  The Kingsway in Bloom and Wildflowers project that I have been working on with the schools and mentioned here is currently in the planning stages.  I would urge anyone seeing people doing damage to the field or anywhere else to report it to the police using 101 or fill out the online anonymous Crime Stoppers form here.  I really can’t stress how important reporting incidents is in terms of getting certain crimes/areas a higher priority for issues to be solved.

On a positive note, the gates and CCTV that were fitted on the footpaths between Stewards Avenue and Liverpool Road have so far been a huge success in tackling the anti social behaviour that was heavily impacting on residents lives.  I’ve spoken to a number of residents who report that their quality of life has massively improved since  they were installed.  I’m really happy about that as everybody should be able to live peacefully and without fear; anti social behaviour is the opposite of that and really damagingly affects residents in our communities.

Anti Social Behaviour brings me on to the off road bikes that continue to plague our area.  Last week the vehicle barrier gate at the Milton Avenue/Stewards Avenue entrance to the playing fields, that I mentioned I was working on here was fitted.  I am hopeful that this will help with the nuisance off road bikes by closing off one of the entrance/escape routes and also reduce the amount of fly tipping taking place in this area.  As I pointed out about the damage to the field, please report incidents to the police using 101 or report anonymously online by filling in the Crime Stoppers form.  The more incidents reported, the higher the priority given.

Milton Avenue Gate
Milton Avenue Gate


I am still working on getting a Zebra Crossing fitted on the college side of Milton Road and hope to be able to give a full update on that in the near future.

Reviewing the issues that residents raise with me, I have noticed an increase in the amount of complaints regarding some of the ‘Kingsway Backs’, of particular concern is that a minority of individuals are allowing their dogs to use some of them as toilets and not clean up after them.  This is not only disgusting behaviour, it is dangerous – in particular for children.  Dogs should not be left unsupervised in the backs and their waste should be picked up by their owners; the backs are communal spaces and are for all the residents that live around each one. I am working with Halton Housing Trust who own these pieces of land to resolve this.

On a brighter note the fitness and sporting activities on offer at the Frank Myler Pavilion, which is in Kingsway Ward, continues to increase. There are also various activities, including a Lego Club on offer at the library.  I also saw that a Swap Shop of Under 5s clothing now takes place at Kingsway Learning Centre on Friday morning, with free quality used under five children’s clothing in stock, there are also a number of children and adult activities and classes at Kingsway Learning Centre.  I have started a Facebook Page to keep you updated of news and activities on offer in the ward, which you can find here.

As usual I have attended various council meetings as one of your representatives and continue to hold my drop in Ward Surgery on the Third Wednesday of each month at St Paul’s Community Centre, 12.00pm -1.00pm.

As always, if you have any queries or need any help contact me.

I hope you have a lovely Easter.

Best wishes,


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