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Village Green Application

Preparing to apply to register the field in the middle of the Kingsway Estate as a Village Green to enable it to become an additionally protected space for residents with Village Green status.

It is already designated as green space, however, Village Green status gives further protections against any future development attempts in future years. The land is not currently at risk but it would do no harm to future proof it’s protection.

Kingsway Estate residents Past & Present could you help with providing statements of your use of the land over the decades or use that you have witnessed. Minimum twenty years proof that local people have took part in lawful sports and pastimes on the land is a requirement. Some examples are ad-hoc games – football, rugby, rounders, cricket etc, picnics, fetes, parties, dog walking, walking.

I believe this land has been in use by local people since the late 1920s/early 1930s. The estate or scheme as it was called was designed around the principle of the large central communal green recreation area and the backs were allotment land.

If you could send your statements of how you have used or seen this land used lawfully by local residents over the years to it would really assist in achieving Village Green status.