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Play Area Set on Fire

So angry at the damage caused to the play area at the top of Dundalk Road over Christmas. The play area is in Kingsway Ward as the ward goes right across to the boundary at Ditton Community Centre.

There is no excuse for this mindless destructive behaviour, lots of families use this little play area. They are expensive to fix and as everybody knows there is very little money about due to government cuts.

There are also more motor bike tracks on the playing fields and on some of the roundabouts. Some people also now seem to think it is acceptable behaviour to not pick up after their dogs.

NONE of this is acceptable behaviour.

We have a collective responsibility to look after our area. Most of us want to live in a nice environment and look after it but it is being destroyed by the mindless, selfish actions of a few. If anybody saw who set the fire please contact the police on 101 and the same goes for when you see the mini motor motorbikes.

It is OUR things that are being destroyed and damaged.