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Liverpool Road Works

Dear Resident,

A number of you have contacted me regarding the situation with the temporary traffic lights on Liverpool Road, near Foxley Heath and the Frank Myler Pavilion.  I understand the frustration these works are causing, as I’ve been caught up in the traffic there on a number of occasions in the last week or so.  Foxley Heath residents have asked that drivers please leave a gap for them to exit and enter their estate, as some drivers are not leaving a gap at the entrance to the estate which is leading to further back up of traffic.

I have looked into what the situation is and below is the information I have received from the council’s Highways Department:

The works are Section 278 of the Highways Act works that are being carried out by Barratt Homes. The length of the Temporary Traffic Lights has been determined due to two areas where work is being carried out, which are at the extremes of the affected length. One of these is due to be completed very shortly and when this happens the lights will be shortened in length. The other area of works, which is by the entrance to the new development has approximately another week of work to complete.  BT are working there and once they have completed their works, then the Tactile Paving, surfacing and lining etc can be finished. Council Officers have been out this morning to speak to them and they are actively pushing for an early completion.

I will keep an eye on the situation and update you as I receive any further updates.  I completely understand the frustration, as work is getting carried out in other areas too, which is further impacting on our journeys.  Please do remember to leave a space for Foxley Heath residents to exit and enter their estate, many who are trying to turn right out of the estate or turn right into it are finding their path blocked by cars waiting at the temporary lights but not leaving a gap.

Best wishes,



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