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Kingsway Together Awards

Dear Resident,

I attended the Kingsway Together awards on Friday evening, which as you know I’ve been working on for the past few months.  It was lovely to see all the projects receiving funding for various initiatives to improve the area, you can find each project’s details below.  It was a pleasure and honour for me to accept the awards for Clean Up Kingsway and Kingsway Wildflowers, who were unable to attend.

I’d like to thank the Cheshire PCC for granting this funding to Kingsway Ward and everyone else that was involved in making this a success, especially the residents that got involved either by putting projects forward or by voting.

I’ll be continuing to work on Kingsway Together as a means of trying to raise community spirit and have already arranged to work with Ashley School and Saints Peter & Paul on the flower planting that will be going on in the area as a result of both schools receiving funding to improve our area and get pupils involved in the Kingsway community.

As always if you have any suggestions, queries or would like help with anything please contact me.

Best wishes,


Kingsway Together Awards

Clean Up Kingsway

£1,369.39 – An individually run community street cleaner, but I am willing to work with other people I will carry on providing a weekly street clean to the neighbourhood (only area to have this), and tackle other environmental issues to benefit the local community and make it a better place to live.

Remembrance Garden

£1,200 – A garden of remembrance for pupils to remember loved ones. Many of our pupils have suffered recent bereavement including the loss of parents. We have found gardening and a quiet place to reflect supports children in coping with grief.

Supporting Young People

£1,560 – More young people are now coming to activities at St Pauls’ than we can deal with. Some are troubled at home, have been expelled, or drink too much. We need to pay some extra sessional workers for six months, while we get the grants in to continue this work long-term.

Simms Cross School Stage Restoration

£2,000 – Restoration of Simms Cross School stage to allow pupils and people in the community to develop basic life skills through drama. New stage curtains will allow the children to produce plays and join in drama clubs in a more professional setting that will be fun and educational.

Community Inclusion

£1,088.62 – The project is based on inclusion, to stimulate, engage and develop the young person’s ability to participate in the sessions we provide and opening up more opportunities for more children with complex needs. Children with limited upper body movement require specialist equipment which is costly and we require funding.

Kingsway Together in Bloom

£1,650.42 – Saints Peter and Paul students have identified green spaces in the Kingsway ward that would benefit from some improvements and a splash of colour by planting bulbs and wildflowers and creating planters for identified areas. They will maintain these through their volunteering sections of the Halton Mayor’s and DofE Awards.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

£2,000 – Enhancing the shrubs and wild flowers surrounding St Bede’s Infant School Mary Mary Garden situated on the corner of Kingsway and Leigh Avenue. This will also provide insulation against noise and air pollution from the road, enhance our eco work providing a haven for wildlife and reduce the opportunity for anti-social behaviour.

Unity Morris Dancers

£2,000 – The idea of our morris dancing troupe is to promote co-ordination from a young age, helps children raise their own confidence and also gets a lot of children off the streets and gives them something exciting to look forward to each week.

Family Rugby For All

£1,270 – The project will help people to keep fit, healthy and get involved in rugby league activities which are new, safe, coached and open to all age groups in the family. We coach children from age two using rugby skills to develop co-ordination, confidence, team work and interaction in a group.

Train Like A Viking

£1,990 – ‘Train Like a Viking’ is a weekly gym and fitness opportunity for 16-24 year olds based in the Vikings Performance Centre at the Select Security Stadium under expert guidance from the Vikings community team. The project aims to tackle issues such as anti-social behaviour whilst promoting positive mental wellness.

Kingsway Wildflowers

£1,970 – Ashley School, to plant wildflower seeds at the Frank Myler Sport & Recreation Ground. This will encourage wildlife and improve the appearance of the area. It will hopefully raise the awareness amongst people of the need to create a sustainable environment that we can all be involved in.

Ladies Boxer Size & Support for Community Club

£1,067.98 – Widnes Boxing Club is a not for profit organisation run by Jackie Ryan, his family and friends. We are looking to add new safety matting and expand our reach by introducing a ladies class at the new pavilion on Liverpool Road. We will need equipment for this.

Mamafit Kingsway

£1,880 – Fitness classes for pregnant women and mums with young children. Mamafit Kingsway offers exercise and lifestyle classes to support pregnant women and new mums helping them to get fit, active and stay healthy during this exciting stage of life. Learn safe, effective exercises and make new friends!


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