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Kingsway Community Skip Scheme and Update

Dear Resident,

An update to let you know what I am doing.

I am pleased to inform you that with funding from your local Area Forum, a Community Recycling Skip Scheme has been arranged for Kingsway Ward, which will take place on Saturday 19th March 2016.  A litter pick will also take place at the same time and if you would like to volunteer for this please contact me. The Spring Clean Skip Scheme and Litter Pick event last year were very successful, you can read about it here and I’m hoping this year will be even better.

The Skip Scheme is not like a traditional ‘rubbish skip scheme’ as the focus is on recycling and provides you with the opportunity to get rid of any household items including wood, garden waste, soil, scrap metal, bricks or rubble, hard plastics and small electrical items that you may have. Nonetheless, there will be a skip available for small non-recyclable items that cannot be placed in your black wheeled bin.

Clear Up Day
Kingsway 2015 Spring Clean


I am currently working with Ashley School, Saints Peter & Paul School and the council’s Open Spaces team to bring some planting and colour to the ward.  The two schools both got funding from the Kingsway Together project and their pupils will work together on this and hopefully the local community will get involved once things are in place to begin this lovely work.  On the subject of Kingsway Together, St Bede’s Infants also received funding to improve the Mary Mary Garden that is on the corner of Leigh Avenue and Kingsway.  Their pupils are working on designs for bringing colour to this corner of Kingsway and mini beast hotels to encourage the wildlife.

I have been working on getting a gate installed at the end of Milton Avenue/beginning of Stewards Avenue.  The funding has been obtained from Area Forum and we are currently consulting with residents that live backing on to the old access road, to introduce a gate to act as a barrier to vehicles that are causing anti social behaviour behind their homes and on the King George V Playing Fields.  The proposed gate would still allow pedestrians, push bikes and mobility scooters to access the playing fields and paths but would stop vehicles, including off road bikes from gaining access to the fields and the rear of these homes.  The residents living backing on to the old road would receive keys to allow them vehicle access to the rear of their properties.  I am hoping that the consultation will be favourable and that this will lessen the anti social behaviour being suffered by these residents and residents at the bottom of Foxley Heath.

I am aware that the off road bikes are still causing problems in the ward and across the town.  The police have recently seized a number of them under Operation Scrambler, I continue to urge you to call the police on 101 to report incidences of this dangerous behaviour.

Amongst many issues that residents have raised with me recently are housing trust repairs, dogs being let out loose on the Kingsway backs, parking in the week on Sinclair Avenue and I am working to try to remedy these for them.

A number of residents have contacted me regarding getting a Zebra Crossing on the college side of Milton Road.  I fully support these residents and I am consulting with the relevant council departments to try to have a crossing installed.

As usual I have attended various council meetings and outside agency meetings as one of your representatives and I encourage you to contact me if you need any help or have any queries.

Best wishes,


Kingsway Together










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